Leadership Development Institute
October 19-21, 2018
Looking for the full-fledged experience of an FBLA conference without the pressure of competition? LDI, Leadership Development Institute, is our first conference of the year that allows for our members to receive the entire experience of a conference without the stress associated with competition. With workshops lead by leaders in industry and business professionals, LDI allows members to build important lifelong skills and receive exposure the fields of technology and business through networking opportunities and guest speakers.
Bay Section Leadership Conference
Feburary 9, 2019
The first competition for FBLA members is the Bay Section Leadership Conference. Held in early spring, competitors take written tests or give speeches for their competitions and spend the rest of the time networking and participating in fun activities provided by the Bay Section Leadership Team.
California State Leadership Conference
April 25-28, 2019
The State Leadership Conference (SLC) is the State Level Competition for FBLA members. Winners from the Bay Section Leadership Conference or members who have their competition starting at SLC have the chance to attend the conference this year in Sacramento, California. The State Leadership Conference is 3 days long and members have the opportunity to not only compete, but to attend workshops and meet other FBLA members from all across the state of California!
National Leadership Conference
June 29 - July 2, 2019
The ultimate level of competition for members is the National Leadership Conference. Held this year in San Antonio, Texas, the NLC provides the unique opportunity of experiencing a new city and meeting over ten thousand members of FBLA from all across the nation while competing. Winning at the National Leadership Conference is the pinnacle of competitive success that any FBLA member can achieve.