Other than just studying or competing, MVFBLA also goes on some exciting adventures where both members and officers bond and make new friends. These events include both socials and tours. Every so often, MVFLBA holds a social, where all members are welcome, which lets members go to fun places, try different things, and overall just have a great time with the rest of FBLA. Each year, FBLA goes to Lazer Quest and Christmas in the Park, as well as hold some other events throughout the year.

Tours are another amazing aspect of MVFBLA; members are invited to take an inside tour of big and famous companies such as Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Adobe, and get a look at how these companies really operate. Members can also discover possible interests, new and innovative technology, and exciting careers.


Monta Vista FBLA competes on the local, state, and national level. We attend 4 conferences every year, culminating in the National Leadership Conference in the summer. Visit our conferences page to learn more about the different conferences we attend.


Unsure of when the next event is? Check the calendar to see the updated listings of upcoming tours, socials, meetings, and conferences.